Of This Dirt

by Artemis

Two Two
Life Sentence
Water Is Life
Candle And A Knife
Les Enfants
Chatter Chatter
A Small Star
Before Sleep
Aiye Omode
Leap I


Of This Dirt:

a journey
down the roots of of our family tree
through the marrow of a breath
across the tides that river our veins
into the heart that dances us all

the pulse of a moment

infinite finiteness of a life
risen from ashes of galaxies’ pyres
up the spiral ladder

hand to hand


down the roots...

time is of the essence. time IS the essence. experience. measured, marked by time. it’s all we are. all ephemeral. we’re in it together, we’re in it on our own. we keep tripping, over ourselves, over each other, over the edge. but take heart. none of it matters, it’s all a playground, a classroom, a sandbox whose boundaries expand and dissolve, contract and concretize, according to the design and requirements of our souls. and yet it all holds mass and consequence. even thought, intention, lines on a page. matter. inherently devoid of meaning yet not of message, the sole precious portal through which life can be expressed and realized. the nature of everything we know is paradox. whatever is true, there is a context in which the reverse holds. so what to do? these bodies are fleeting. time is not passing. we are. in a great relay race to nowhere. molecule by molecule, all at once. compassion resolves, fear fragments, things get more or less pixelated, harmonic or dissonant, depending on…human condition, here and now. are we nature, bending ever toward the light, evolving and refining our way toward elegance and perfection? or are we careening out, splaying to chaos, refracted, diluted, in folly willfully bending nature to aimless, nameless faceless feckless urges and impulses? how does it end? does it? do we just pass it along? gift it as it was gifted to us when we ourselves emerged from the void, kicking and screaming? what will the state and shape of offering be, when it slips from our fingers and into the hands of the bequeathed? were they born for this? are we?

absolutely. relativity proclaims it. creative is the thread, through it all continues to move us, move through us, archetypes breathing our every move, this only every moment. we build these homes of imagination, thin air, inspiration. small stars in vast expanse of darkness we are, and yet every twinkling has its source and return in one great multifaceted beating heart. shadow only distance traveled between points of light. one way or another, we all get there together. and if from time to time we lose our way, i’ll meet you, my friend, in ten billion years…this may take awhile…

one thread running through these songs is the sense that the more we attempt to step into one another’s shoes, see deeply and even experience profoundly from the perspective of another, the more sane our world, our interactions, our lives can become and ultimately be. some of the phrases in these songs originate from the languages and deeply earth-and-cosmos-aligned understanding of brothers and sisters born of different cultures than the ones that shaped this particular fleshy spacesuit. this heart-soul-mouth is singing these words, visions and intentions with gratitude, respect and reverence, and only the greatest hope that some idea, feeling, color, flash of inspiration or creative healing light may come through that might be in service of repairing bonds torn asunder by pain, trauma, misunderstanding, separation, ignorance, fear and disrespect. or that might bring a little hope, light, joy, understanding, comfort or inspiration to anyone whose ears have found their way open to this momentary sonic meditation. or that might help forge another step forward toward dreaming a world we can all continue living and loving. thank you for listening. i’m still listening, too…and, to the best of my abilities, attempting to be able to respond.


releases October 27, 2018

Produced & mixed by David Earl
Mastered by Ian Shepherd
All songs written by Artemis
except Life Sentence, written by James NIcholas Groft III and Artemis
Additional instrumentation:
David Earl, Daniel Berkman, Danny Frankel
Photography: Anne Daiva, Keith Crusher




Artemis San Francisco

Spectral keyboard washes and sinuous dance beats set up a feeling of warm alienation while Artemis’s voice heats things further. Over the thump and shimmer, she croons with detached fervor, the music dissolving in a storm of pixie-dust disco until a rude riot of effects snaps the tether and she vanishes. ... more

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Track Name: Janus Eyes
staring into Janus eyes
crouched down in the middle
fire cracking the sky
compliments of monkeys
and their missiles
your god and mine
got our head in a vice
made of greed
and avarice
no mother tongue
no chosen ones
we're equally flawed
and precious

light and shadow
filed for divorce
but pulling apart they'd
cease to exist
so we still gotta find
ourselves in each other
to the slow decline of stars in the lid
for all our hyperconnectivity
we're better at tin cans and string
so i'll meet you my friend
in ten billion years
galactic address of Milkomeda

watch heaven twist her lips
into wry coyote smile
love is a dare
devil may care
this may take awhile

free will is a knife
cuts both ways
we take the sting
to get the honey
they say living hard
living's easy
til you risk all
you're merely surviving
but oh how we cling to our stories
for our very lives
while human laws fossilize

watch heaven twist her lips
into wry coyote smile
love is a dare
devil may care
this may take awhile
Track Name: Of This Dirt
so now you're smiling
wider than time
busted free of this
wheel of age
hours click forward
and backward
helix spin down
below up
for the galaxies

you are the sound
the earth makes
thunder that bursts
through the clouds
wake up your electricity
show me you
show me me

facets of one
shining sun
singing in unison
trading harmony

fat or tall
skinny or small
we're all of this dirt

teach me your philosophy
show me your horizon
draw me round
your boundary

keep me in your sights
friend you are my enemy
when it serves me right

one way or another
we all get there together

all of the lines
we drag through the sand
are the folly
of one hand