from Gravity by Artemis



just inside the skin of this bubble i’m in
all sensation
smooth and warm and slippery to the touch
and the taste in my mouth
as i breathe in and out

clouds of flowers and stars

every kiss whispers its message
every touch poses its riddle
like a sphinx at the gate of the garden
saying who do you think you are
who do you think you are

and in between these hazy dreams
i catch a glimpse
of reunion

there’s nothing can stop us
we’re already flying
in formation
holding pattern
hovering over our desire

just a little revolution
a hundred million year carousel around the sun
a hundred billion sons and daughters
rising and falling and dreaming their way on
as the painted horses
slide up and down

but i’m here now
i’m here now
in the blink of an eye
in the tremble of a lip like a flower baring its breast to the sun
in the beckoning gesture petals wide open
in the drawing in knowing it’s all or it’s none

and in between these hazy dreams
i catch a glimpse
of reunion


from Gravity, released February 14, 2005




Artemis San Francisco

Spectral keyboard washes and sinuous dance beats set up a feeling of warm alienation while Artemis’s voice heats things further. Over the thump and shimmer, she croons with detached fervor, the music dissolving in a storm of pixie-dust disco until a rude riot of effects snaps the tether and she vanishes. ... more


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